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Welcome to WomenWorldCulture

The Mission, Goals and Objectives of WomenWorldCulture are designed to inform, empower, support and engage people around the world; to exchange information directly or by collecting and developing educational content; to conduct and promote research; and to encourage, support and fund social entrepreneurs, arts, social change, and actions to sustain our planet.

WomenWorldCulture is a network to connect women and cultural groups through attention to relevant social issues. WomenWorldCulture establishes an infrastructure to find and share information, arts, education, research, services, and employment information, with member access to unique events, services, and opportunities. To make connections across cultural, economic and class divisions, free, public access to much of the WomenWorldCulture network and many of its resources is provided.

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Africa, Up and Down America, Asia, Antarctica, Australia; Indian, Pacific,
the Atlantic All that land and ocean,
We only have one world.
We are all the colors of the rainbow; if not united, just a bunch of lines
When we come together, we let our light shine.
We are the Aurora, Aurora of our time. *

by Suzanne Brooks & Reggie Graham

The theme and theme song of WomenWorldCulture--Aurora-- highlight the movement from division based on a negative emphasis on difference to unity founded in our common humanity defined by DNA and diversity refined by cultures and environments. The Aurora Blog of WomenWorldCulture will encourage constructive and civil exchanges of ideas; stimulate ideas and suggestions for unique and positive programs and services; and provide recommendations and support for education, research and documentation addressing social issues and problems, reciprocal communication and inspiration, sharing and leadership through the arts. The success of this blog will be rooted in mutual caring for each other, with the willingness to learn from each other. Honor and dignity will be the rule. The blog is published with the same media rules, requirements and guidelines required for advertisers on this site. Readers can refer to that section for additional information.

Welcome to Aurora: The WomenWorldCulture Blog.

Aurora Blog

The WomenWorldCulture Blog serves as a source of information regarding current events, which are highlighted because of importance to women, cultural communities and/or environmental sustainability. We encourage readers to visit often to read updates and new entries and then to share the information with others.

Justice Reform Coalition Press Release: Complaints of Medical Battery, Fraud, Breach of Contract filed against Mercy Medical Hosptial and Doctors U.S. East to West Coasts Eugenics By Thousands: Widespread Then & Now—Hidden, Ignored, Denied In Our Communities Today—2016 In CA Correctional Institutions 2010-2016 ... JUSTICE REFORM COALITION PRESS RELEASE Contact: Rev Ashiya Odeye JUSTICE REFORM COALITION Phone: 916 893-9793 Email: This email address is being protected from...

Unanswered Letters Blog

This blog is an acknowledgement of the millions of serious letters written by people around the world to representatives of governments, businesses, print and electronic media, businesses, community groups and individuals to address many issues and concerns. So often, had the contents of these letters be read and responded to, tragedies and crises could have been avoided.
Too often, those in power choose to ignore the writer and the letter. This blog shows that there are people with similar good ideas, urgent complaints, and important information which deserved to be heeded. The goal of this blog is to show that people with similar concerns are working to make changes and have not given up on their ideas.
By sharing ideas, people can contribute to needed research and continued discussions to bring about change. When it is clear that these are not isolated, infrequent issues, masss of people can be encouraged to continue speaking out, in writing as much as vocally. When we realize the large extent of idfentified problems, we are also encouraged to take some appropriate actions. Those actions could be to ask some of the recipients of letters why they have not responded and when will they?


AN EXCERPT Distributed in Person at an annual meeting attended by hundreds on Thursday, November 7, 2013, 8:00AM To: CA State Board of Education Subject: Local Control Funding Formula, Discussion of Proposed Changes to California's Local Educational Agency and School Planning and Accountability System Unanswered ... Recognizing the probability that I may not have any opportunity to speak publicly or privately with any member of...

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